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Welcome to Reel Characterz!
 Reel Characterz ® , Hollywood, CA
Reel Characterz is the first and only ALL CHARACTER extras calling service with a database of only the BEST character actors and extras from all categories and ethnicities. 

At Reel Characterz, we take pride in providing the most authentic and "real" background actors for your project.  Need an authentic-looking biker gang to ride their own custom choppers? We've got em! Need an 80 yr. old that can break dance? We've got em! A cross-dressing little person?  A 7 ft. wrestler?  Gangstas?  Real cowboys? Hasidic Rabbi? Iraqui Soldiers? Circus performers? A 400 lb. man who will do nudity? WE'VE GOT EM - and if we don't, we'll find them for you!

We will be constantly updating our roster with the most interesting and hard to find character types and vehicles in the business.  We love what we do, so we will go above and beyond to provide "reel" characters who will make your project come alive!

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